Clean Energy Maui's goal is to catalyze a complete change of the energy production pattern on the island of Maui, Hawaii by 2020.

We want clean, abundant, cheap, reliable electricity for everyone instead of dirty, dangerous, old-fashioned and high-priced fossil fuel.

We have a practical proposal that will reduce energy costs and eliminate environmental problems. This is based on solar, wind and a large storage system.

We welcome your support, cooperation and ideas as we will showcase this proposal in the coming months. It will take all of us to re-invent Maui's future.

Clean Energy Maui LLC was founded by Chris Mentzel, a clean energy expert and advocate. Chris advises companies and government entities on the development of clean energy resources. As an intervenor at the Public Utilities Commission he helped to shape the Feed-In Tariff that has come into effect in September 2010.

You can contact Clean Energy Maui by the Mailform or call Chris Mentzel at (808) 205-0392.